Augusta Magazine’s Bluegrass & Christian Bands

BLUEGRASS BAND... Readers sent Delta Cane off into the sunset with a gold medal to tell the grandkids about in their golden years.  Thanks for the memories.  Meanwhile, Eryn Eubanks & The Family Fold - of silver medal fame - is still kickin’ it, while Doug & The Henrys get third.

CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN BAND... “Christian” as in “incorporating gospel themes into the act.”  “Contemporary” as in “plugging amplifiers into electric wall sockets, recording digitally, and what have you.”  By that definition (loosely), readers chose Funmilayo Ngozi.  She is a force of nature, trust us.  When Ryan Abel gets religious on us, it can send a chill down your spine.  And finally, Eryn Eubanks & The Family Fold round out this trinity.

- The Augusta Magazine's "Best of Augusta"

October 6th, 2016